Apartness, crime, Kruger National Park, highly secured private houses, Vuvuzela, enthusiasm, passion, homelands, social disparities and above all a still active racism, many are not neutral towards South Africa, but if you love live casinos, you should visit this country.

South Africa basically offers a variety of scenic attractions that make it a very attractive travel destination. In addition, a sensational offer of elaborate casinos, which attract visitors with sophisticated entertainment and low hotel prices. However, when you visit South Africa you have to follow some guidelines that protect your life and your property.

Never drive at night, always keep the windows closed and, above all, take into account that there is a law in South Africa that allows you to disregard the right-of-way rule if there is a subjective perception of danger. That means not only can you ignore a red traffic light, but you must always be prepared for the fact that someone else is feeling endangered and crosses an intersection in red with screeching tires and maximum speed.

The casinos themselves are located in screened resorts and, thanks to hundreds of security, are absolutely secure. Of course, they do not represent the average South Africa in any way, but form an enclave for tourists and especially the members of the white upper class. Occasionally, some colored people and half-breeds get lost among the players, otherwise you can see them especially in the most diverse service areas.

Everyone always talks about Sun City, but not only the stars who performed there had already passed their zenith in the 21st century. Elaborate yes, but the Grand West Casino in Goodwood / Cape Town is more interesting.